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Building Pathology

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While undertaking a routine inspection at Abingdon House in Oxford we noted significant structural cracking within a rear extension to the property. On reporting the defects to our Client, Herford College, who used the property for graduate accommodation, we were instructed to make recommendations to remedy the problem,which we did with our partners Lawful Associates.

Project coverage

Hertford College building pathology -1
Defect Analysis
Upon instruction we inspected the property in detail and established that it was in College’s interest to engage a structural engineer. This we did from our supply chain appointing Lawful Associates who specialise in such defect analysis and remediation.
Hertford College building pathology -2
Remediation Advice
By jointly inspecting the property with Lawfull Associates we were able to determine the cause of the movement stresses within the building, define how best to correct these and give College advice on the way forward. This was contained within a narrative report supported by photographic identification of the defects and recommendations to cure the problem.
Hertford College Oxford building pathology -3
Implementation of Advice
After reviewing the recommendations contained within our report and meeting with the College to discuss their options, we were instructed to prepare specifications, engage contractors and administer the contract to undertake remedial works on site. This we did swiftly to coincide with the Easter vacation to minimise disruption to the College.