Hertford College, Oxford Project 

Pre-acquisition Survey

Website: www.hertford.ox.ac.uk

Hertford College, Oxford instructed Ian Bridge Consultancy to undertake a pre-acquisition building condition survey at 11 Winchester Road, Oxford. The property comprised a two-storey 19th-century villa divided into individual room occupancies and was situated in the North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area.

Project coverage

Hertford College pre-aquisition survey
Detailed survey
Our survey included the detailed inspection of all elements of the building both internally and externally including gardens, outbuildings, garages and perimeter boundary walls. 
Hertford College pre-aquisition surveys
Condition rating
We also passed comment on the condition and adequacy of the building services. All elements of the property were given a condition rating and defects and hazards identified to allow the College to understand their liability prior to purchase. 
Hertford College Oxford pre-acquisition CAD
Cost implications and CAD drawings
Our Quantity Surveyor applied a cost to each condition defect enabling the College to gauge the financial implications of future use and maintenance of the property before purchase. We also produced a set of computer aided design drawings to assist our Quantity Surveyor in the process.