St Clare's, Oxford Project 

Refurbishment of student accommodation


195-197 Woodstock Road Oxford

The project involves external refurbishment including replacement of existing double hung sash windows. Study bedrooms are being refreshed with new bedroom furniture, internal redecoration, re-carpeting and replacement curtains. Communal bathrooms are being refurbished with new shower and toilet pods and circulation spaces are being re-decorated.

Project coverage

St Clare's Oxford
St Clare’s Oxford have closely consulted the local planning department to reach agreement on a standard specification for replacement hardwood double hung sash windows as part of their programme of estate improvement across their portfolio of property in North Oxford.
St Clare's Oxford students
An ambitious programme delivering comprehensive works across the summer vacation while the buildings are vacant involves close liaison between client and constructor. Critical path works occur while the buildings are empty with less vital works done outside the vacation if time, resource and budget permit.
St Clare's Oxford sash windows
Off-site materials
Use of the Confederation of Construction Specialists standard Vesting Certificate to purchase off-site produced materials such as the replacement hardwood double hung sash windows and bathroom shower and toilet pods ensures the ownership of key critical path materials is vested firmly with the Client.