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The following testimonials relate to the Ian Bridge Consultancy project work:

Our building condition survey work is designed to understand the individual requirements of funders, investors and property owners. For pre-acquisiton or development, we offer a one-stop service reporting on each of a building’s elements.
Project management by Ian Bridge
Project Management & Refurbishment
Understanding our client's strategic objectives and expectations from the outset, we manage complex projects effectively, including high risk refurbishmemt projects.
As Contract Administrator we ensure that the performance quality standards are aligned to achieve the overall project objectives. We can also combine this role with that of designer on small to medium sized projects.
Principal designers by Ian Bridge Consultancy
Principal Designers 
Appointed by the client to take control of the pre-construction phase of any project involving more than one contractor, with an important role in influencing how risks to health and safety are managed.

We can deliver strategic consultancy services to draw up, agree and implement a cost effective estates strategy to cover all the client's property holdings.
Party wall by Ian Bridge
Planned Preventative Maintenance
Helping clients to protect their property asset by fully understanding the financial implications of their maintenance activity.
Offering practical insight into party wall notices, agreement disputes and regulations, Ian Bridge Consultancy is committed to guiding property and landowners through this complex field.
Reinstatement cost assessments  by Ian Bridge Consultancy
Reinstatment Cost Assessment
Should the worst happen and a building is damaged or destroyed by fire, flood or similar, we can provide an accurate assessment of reconstruction costs.
We provide a comprehensive technical service to our Clients by Investigating and rectifying building failures. 
We can offer guidance to both landlords and tenants alike for dilapidations and lease repair assessments. 
Project monitoring services by Ian Bridge Consultancy
Project Monitoring 

The Project Monitor’s role is one of investigator and advisor to the Client; protecting the client’s interests.