Dilapidation surveys and lease repair assessments

Lease Repair Assessment Service

Our service can assist by providing clarity on a tenant’s exposure to repair obligations within a lease: 

  • Explaining the impact of a tenants’ lease covenants and repairing obligations
  • Inspecting the property and compiling a schedule of anticipated dilapidations works requiring repair/reinstatement
  • Costing this schedule to offer formal budgetary advice on compliance with the relevant lease repair/reinstatement covenants
  • Producing a report quantifying the extent of dilapidations liabilities which may assist in tax planning

In offering guidance to both landlords and tenants alike following a dilapidation survey, we adopt the Property Litigation Association dilapidations protocol and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors guidelines. 

In a market where Landlords face considerable re-marketing costs to generate occupier or purchaser interest coupled with the potential of having to manage vacant buildings for long periods the tactical management of dilapidations impacts strategically on the financial performance of commercial property.

Equally Tenants can face significant financial exposure, often running to thousands of pounds, where they need practical, informed guidance on how to minimise or avoid such cost, often within strict timescales, usually at lease termination or when endeavouring to exercise a break clause. Similarly our Lease Repair Assessment Service can also assist tenants by providing clarity on exposure to repair obligations within a lease (see table on left)

Dilapidations by Ian Bridge Consultancy