Estates strategy

Typical stages

Stage 1: review of estates strategy leading to a report outlining recommendations

Stage 2: condition survey and creation of a planned maintenance and refurbishment scheme

Stage 3: investigate options for the development programme and services improvements

potential impact
  • To improve the overall quality of the estate
  • Increase effectiveness by introducing planned maintenance and regular refurbishment
  • Meet growth needs proactively by planning additional property capacity
  • Identify specific gaps in the current estate  
  • Consider more cost effective property options, including consolidation or change of use

Drawing up, agreeing and implementing a cost effective estates strategy to cover all the client's property holdings. With the clear objective of maintaining, improving & developing the estate.

We meet with the client to gain an initial impression of the extent and quality of the existing estate and the uses it is put to, before conducting our own independent assessment of the properties.

An effective estates strategy must be designed around both the immediate and longer term requirements of the client and their plans and we have considerable experience of managing this type of strategic consultancy work. 

Estates strategy by Ian Bridge Consultancy