Planned preventative maintenance building services

PPM schedule benefits

  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Reduced downtime for operational buildings
  • Planned response rather than “knee jerk” reaction to dramatic building failures
  • Cost predication and budgetary control
  • Contributes to a strategic understanding of property assets

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance advice is provided in accordance with RICS guidance and is aimed at encouraging our Clients to strategically protect their property asset by fully understanding the financial implications of their maintenance activity.

We assist in identifying maintenance schedules which allow budgetary control and financial predictability in the management and maintenance of buildings be they individual stock or property portfolios.

Our attention to detail produces extensive and informative PPM schedules which are priced on an elemental basis to provide the appropriate granularity for our Client’s financial objectives to be understood. Unplanned reactive maintenance has been seen to escalate exposure to the cost of property asset management against a planned controlled response to the predictable maintenance of buildings.

Planned preventative maintenance by Ian Bridge Consultancy