Buildings project management & commercial property refurbishment

Soft landings

By encouraging Clients and designers to embrace the work steps advocated by the BSRIA guidance on Soft Landings, we strive to procure projects which promote professional and consultant aftercare of the highest calibre.

'Introducing Soft Landings'
BSRIA Guidance


From the outset of a project we:-

  • Engage all stakeholders in comprehensive dialogue
  • Plan what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards
  • Build and motivate the team
  • Coordinate the work of all project participants
  • Monitor and feedback on work being done
  • Managing any changes to the plan
  • Deliver outcomes aligned with initial objectives

Starting with the initial strategic business case, we seek to identify and understand project objectives to deliver and effectively manage change. 

Aligning our responses to our Client’s expectations in terms of time, cost and quality runs core to our service delivery ensuring desired objectives are met and defined benefits achieved.

Refurbishment projects

Re-cycling buildings through refurbishment and retrofit brings significant economic and environmental benefit but it is acknowledged that refurbishment projects contain more risk than new build. We ameliorate risks by effectively managing the complex relationships in project teams encouraging tri-partite co-operation between designers, constructors and building users.

Building project management by Ian Bridge Consultancy