Project Monitoring

Typical items covered

In our role as Project Monitor we will advise upon:

  • Land and property acquisition matters
  • Statutory consents
  • Competency of the Developer, its team and any proposed project management systems
  • Financial appraisals
  • Development, finance, consultancy and construction agreements
  • Construction costs and programmes
  • Design and construction quality

By employing a Project Monitor, a Client is more likely to end up with the right product at the right price and on time.

The Project Monitor’s role is one of investigator and advisor to the Client; protecting the client’s interests by identifying and advising on the risks associated with acquiring an interest in a development that is not under the Client’s direct control. The Project Monitor then continues to advise on risks and protect the Client’s interests as the development proceeds.

As Project Monitor we will act as an early warning system for the Client by anticipating potential issues which may affect the delivery of the project. We proactively keep the Client abreast of material changes to the development or emerging risks as they occur, thus facilitating informed and improved decision making.

Project monitoring  by Ian Bridge Consultancy