Reinstatement cost assessments (RCA)

Building reconstruction cover: best advice

We encourage property owners and occupiers to review RCAs every three years, accounting for alterations or improvements to avoid an undervaluation of property, prompting a shortfall in insurance settlement and therefore failing to cover the building replacement cost.


The 'Reinstatement Cost Assessment' was previously known as the 'Fire Reinstatement Valuation.'

This assessment provides commercial property occupiers and owners with an accurate assessment of the reconstruction cost of their building following total destruction by fire, flood or similar.

Reinstatement cost assessment by Ian Bridge Consultancy

The preparation of a RCA demands comprehensive technical expertise as most UK insurance underwriters require a professional evaluation of a building’s rebuilding cost following total destruction. Using industry recognised indices accounting for demolition cost, building type and structural complexity, architectural importance in terms of listing or conservation area status and geographical location, we produce highly accurate assessments in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors best practice guide.