Alara Wholefoods

Alara Wholefoods

Dilapidations advice

We were contacted by Alara Wholefood’s Founder, Alex Smith, following his research on the web. He wanted to source professional insight into how to assess his exposure to dilapidations cost on lease expiry at his production facility in Camden Town.

Alara Wholefoods Limited is an internationally recognised producer of organic muesli and other organic food products of the highest quality and Ian Bridge Consultancy were delighted to be invited to assist Alara with their tax planning strategy.

A key ingredient to the successful delivery of the instruction from Alara’s point of view was the detailed nature of the dilapidations assessment coupled with accurate pricing of each individual scheduled item by our specialist supply chain Quantity Surveying partners Brading Butt.

While assisting with tax planning the dilapidations assessment also gave Alara an insight into their likely exposure to a dilapidations claim upon lease expiry and a clearer understanding of their responsibilities as leaseholders of property,

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