Blackbird Academy Trust

Blackbird Academy Trust

CIF Application & Condition Surveys

Our involvement at Pegasus Primary School initially started when we were approached by the Asset Manager to make an application for a CIF bid on behalf of the school for new roofing with an approximate project value of £300,000. We successfully undertook this bidding process and the school secured funding for re-roofing in the April 2017 CIF bid round.

“I was extremely impressed from my first meeting with Ian Bridge Consultancy and this has continued through their work on behalf of the Trust. Throughout the project they have kept excellent time schedules and communication with the school.” Jane Caffyn, Asset Manager, Blackbird Academy Trust

Our involvement has continued through to the delivery stage having been instructed by the Blackbird Academy Trust to manage key elements of the building project. This included undertaking surveys of the buildings, producing specifications and drawings, obtaining tenders for the work and then to contract administer all works on site.

In addition to the original project for Pegasus School we produced condition surveys for all the Academy schools, with a report outlining the condition of all elements within each building. Any defects and capital replacement works are highlighted with a traffic light system to prioritise when they should be completed. All works are also costed to present a profile of capital expenditure to maintain each school over the next 10 years.

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