Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs at Thackley End, Oxford

Ian Bridge Consultancy was approached by Thackley End Management Ltd (TEML) to design the necessary external repair works and the application of a preventative and protective coating.

Assessed by Birmingham Laboratories in 2018 and reviewed by independent consultant John Broomfield, the concrete bands to each of the four blocks were identified to be suffering from generalised carbonation of the cover and localised carbonation induced reinforcement corrosion due to low cover to the steel and poor concrete quality in a number of areas.

These conditions have led to cracking and spalling of the concrete cover.

After a successful tendering process Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL) was appointed for the works as Principal Contractor with a start date on site 22nd July 2020 and a 16 week programme.

Despite rainfall putting a dampener on proceedings, holding back their ability to correctly apply the repairs and coating, CRL were able to manage their time and resources effectively to minimize delay to within 1 week of the programme.

A systematic approach from scaffold and MEWP was taken to address each area in need of concrete repair, carefully hammer tested and then the defective material broken out back to sound substrate.

Once the repair was open any exposed steel reinforcement was cleaned and the surface prepared for repair material to be applied.

KEIM Concretal-C CL008, a waterproof sol silicate-based paint specially formulated for protection against carbonation of concrete surfaces, was then successfully applied to each block to finish out the works. This has left site with a clean and uniform finish reminiscent of when the buildings were new.

With works being completed, the life of the building has been extended well beyond the years expected of the material.

  • Date 28th February 2021
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