Gaucho Restaurants

Gaucho Restaurants

Party Wall Project

In our role as Joint Venture Partner with Cotton Thompson Cole, Construction and Design Consultants, we were appointed to assist their design team in the preparation of notices and schedules of condition to annex to Party Wall Awards for the refurbished Gaucho restaurant just off Regent Street in London being designed and project managed by Cotton Thompson Cole.

Close liaison with the landlord of the adjoining property meant that details of all Adjoining Ownerships were established by us prior to service of the appropriate Party Structure Notices.

All notices were prepared and served within the timeframes required by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

Access was arranged at the convenience of the Adjoining Owners with their Appointed Surveyors for us to inspect each of the ten occupancies. Detailed narrative schedules of condition supported by schedules of photographs were prepared to benchmark condition of each ownership prior to commencement of the Gaucho restaurant refurbishment.

The content of each Party Wall Award was agreed with the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyors and Awards drawn up, approved by Surveyors and published to the various ownerships.