Hertford College Estate

Hertford College Estate

Estate strategy

Hertford College, Oxford engaged Ian Bridge Consultancy to produce an Estate Strategy across their varied property portfolio spread throughout central Oxford. This included the analysis and review of their main Catte Street premises and their Marston sports ground. Paul Batho, who’s specialism is property valuation, development and investment, headed the commission.

The Strategy Route Map concluded that a principal requirement for the College was the procurement of a new building or site to accommodate an additional 100 student bedrooms. Ian Bridge Consultancy were instructed to initiate a search to meet this requirement.

Critical to the production of pertinent outcomes from the Strategy was an understanding of the whole of the Hertford propery holding.

Having inspected all properties analyzing use, space allocation, condition and value, a full portfolio valuation was undertaken by Paul Batho.

We also compiled a pilot building condition survey and a planned preventative maintenance programme on one property extrapolating the collected data across the remainder of the portfolio. The accumulated information harvested from inspections, valuations and condition surveys was drawn together in a formal written Strategy which defined a route map for the College.

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