Oxfam GB

Oxfam GB

New Flagship Oxford Superstore

Oxfam GB appointed Ian Bridge Consultancy Limited as Lead Designer for the development of their new retail project, the charity’s first and flagship superstore, from design drawings to tender package.

Following a successful design we were then asked to proceed as contract administrator, working closely with Oxfam project managers and the principal contractor to deliver on time and to budget.

Assembling a supply chain team from our regular mechanical and electrical consultants, structural engineers, building inspectors and quantity surveyors we produced a design that met the full requirements of the Oxfam GB trading plan.

Efforts were made to reflect Oxfam GB’s overseas humanitarian activities, including the construction of the “Water Tank” canopy over the seating area.

The scheme’s main features included the erection of a specialist mezzanine floor, access lift and café with seating area within the main retail trading floor pan.

We were very pleased to see that this project even made the national news with this article on the BBC:


All images curtesy of Stangard Design Solutions

Contract Value: £380,000


  • Date 28th February 2021
  • Tags Commercial