Oxford City Council

Oxford City Council

Depot Condition Surveys

As part of their rationalisation of their asset portfolio, Oxford City Council have passed over the responsibility of managing and running the council’s three main depots to a separate entity. In support of this out sourcing exercise, under the Building Surveyor’s framework, Ian Bridge Consultancy were appointed by the Council to prepare detailed Condition Survey’s complete with costings of identified remedial defects for the Council to pass on with leases granted to the outsourced company.

In order to complete this commission, Ian Bridge Consultancy deployed a team of surveyors and arranged inspections of the Depots. Due to the nature of the large sites, including rood structures and internal and external surveys, we had to ensure that we had enough staff tasked to the job in order for it to be completed in good time.

Once we had surveyed all the properties, we collated all our data into a OCC approved format and supported with a full photographic schedule. With this we were able to provide a fully detailed and costed ongoing management plan for every building and structure across each of the depots.

  • Date 28th February 2021
  • Tags Commercial